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Organic Beard Balm - Medium Hold
Organic Beard Balm - Medium Hold

Organic Beard Balm - Medium Hold

"Soft beardage...softer kisses. We condition our leather and why not our beards. Nobody likes to kiss a bristly beard. This beard balm gently softens your whiskers and makes your beard all conditioned and lovely. You don't need a lot just a wee dab. Smells great too." Ella - Amazon
  • ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC - Crafted from 7 high grade butters and oils, carefully blended to bring you the very best balance of control and nourishment for your beard.                                                    
  • END BEARD ITCH FOREVER - Will penetrate deep into your beard to help moisturise and hydrate the skin beneath preventing itching and beardruff.            
  • ENCOURAGES HEALTHY GROWTH AND SHINE - Acts as leave in conditioner for your beard hairs to increase volume and density and improve overall strength and shine.                                                    
  • SHAPE AND STYLE YOUR BEARD - Helps tame unruly coarse hairs, separates tangled and matted hairs, prevents split ends and will make for a softer and more manageable beard.                                                    
  • YOUR SECRET WEAPON FOR AN AMAZING BEARD - Click Add To Cart NOW to give your beard the care and nutrients it deserves to help take it to the next level.